Featuring Colorplan, Vanguard or Senses stocks with electrifying colour palettes to choose from. Available as Single Color or Multi-Color Business Cards with duotone edges and coloured cores. Customise these colorful business cards with digital printing, white ink printing, hot foil stamping and edge gilding.

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Our Single Color Business Cards are crafted using premium coloured card stocks which have been dyed. These colorful stocks include Colorplan, Vanguard and Senses. Each brand has it's own unique range of dyed card colours. Since the stock is dyed, it means the card edges match the surface colours. This gives our Single Color Business Cards a premium look and finish which can be enhanced by printing with white ink, or hot foil stamping with metallic foil colours. A popular customisation with our Single Color Business Cards is to foil stamp them with gloss black or gloss white foils which really pop against the single colour card stocks. Since the card is uncoated, it captures beautiful deboss impressions with foil stamping. With the Colorplan, Vanguard and Senses ranges we offer online, there are 121 single color card stocks choices, all with white ink printing options, hot foil stamping and even edge gilding! We have one of the largest ranges of Colorful Business Cards available online, however, if you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to our friendly team and we'll see how we can assist you!


Colour Blast! If you're interested in a Multi-Color Business Card, our Duplexed Business Card ranges which are available using Colorplan, Vanguard and Senses paper ranges will meet your needs. With our in-house versatility with print finishing, we can duplex (glue together) 2 or more colours to create attention grabbing Multi-Color Business Cards. Experience creative play with thousands of colour combinations. Duplexing coloured card stocks also creates eye-catching duotone edges and coloured cores. This is another great advantage of using colorful card stocks with coloured edges. Elevate your standard business card to a striking presence by using coloured card. The multi-color edges are available at no extra cost. Like our Single Color Business Cards, this range can be customised with white ink, full colour printing and hot foil stamping.


Perhaps your goal is visual impact with your business cards, but colored card stock doesn't capture that 'wow' factor? Consider graduating your brand to the cutting edge with a Metallic Color Business Card. Or maybe, a Color-Changing Business Card? You're at the right place, we offer Metallic Business Cards in metallic gold, metallic silver and metallic rose gold card stocks in our Metallic Mirror Finish Business Card range. These cards have a highly reflective metallic finish and can be digitally printed full colour with or without white ink. Moreover, we also have a range of Color Changing Business Cards which are produced on an iridescent holographic card stock, which changes colour as it diffracts light across the colour spectrum. In different lighting, these colorful Holographic Business Cards change color, showing all the colours of the rainbow!


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