Foil Stamped Business Cards

Our Foil Stamped Business Card range features a wide range of different card stocks suitable for foil stamping. Select from laminated cards, cotton, colorful stocks such as, Colorplan, Vanguard and Senses and specialty stocks like, Gmund. Many cards also have combinations of foil stamping and foil edging. If you don't see what you're looking for, reach out to our friendly team for a quote.

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Our digital Raised Foil Business Cards use a special process that entails foil effects being applied on top of spot UV. This creates a unique raised foil finish. Our Raised Foil Business Cards have excellent registration with printed elements and the raised foil effect can be metallic gold, silver, red, green or blue. Another unique feature is, you can have a raised foil finish on both sides of the business card, which is not possible to achieve with Traditional Raised Foil Stamped Business Cards, which require embossing with foiling. Our premium Raised Print Business Cards with foil stamping can also be used as hang tags or swing tags.


Traditional Raised Foil Stamped Business Cards are produced by applying foil and embossing on the card stock at the same time. The process presses the foil design through the back of the card stock, so that it is raised on the front. Keep in mind, that this process creates a reverse indentation in the back of the card stock which needs to be allowed for when creating the artwork. It also means only one side of the business card can have an embossed raised foil stamp finish. Generally, we don't recommend producing Embossed Foil Stamping Business Cards on laminated stock, as the combination of heat and embossing can cause the laminate to lift around the embossed area. To maintain our high standards of finishing, we only recommend business cards with raised foil stamping be produced on uncoated card stocks. There is a vast range of uncoated stocks suitable for embossing with foil stamping. Reach out to our friendly team for a quote, to find out more! Alongside our Embossed Foil Cards, we also offer traditional foil stamped, which creates a nice indentation in the card stock. This can be done with a wide range of metallic and special effect foils, and we can also produce business cards with spot gloss foil stamping as an alternative to spot UV.


Business cards with foil stamping and foil edging are a specialty at After Hours Creative. Over the years, we have perfected the art of foil edging, creating the most ravishing and high-end edge finishing, using the highest quality foils, a special adhesive and proprietary gilding techniques. All foil stamping and edge gilding is carried out in-house, which means we can also meet tight deadlines when required. In addition, we offer a multitude of stocks suitable for business cards, with combinations of foil stamping and edging, including laminated stocks, colorful stocks such as, Colorplan and Vanguard and specialty papers like, Gmund Gold.


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