Logos are an integral part of brand identities. Businesses use logos to create a brand identity which separates them from other companies and competitors. Your logo doesn’t need to be overly complex, but it should be unique, so it is easily distinguished from others. A logo also makes your business look professional. Your business needs to look professional to establish an element of trust with your potential customers. Customers need to be sure you are a professional outfit that will deliver the products and services they are paying for. Having a logo will go a long way in helping to achieve this by helping to establish trust. Not only does having a logo make you look professional, but it also tells potential customers you believe in your products and services and are willing to invest time and money in your business to create a logo.

Reasons you should be using a letterhead

Letterheads are another pivotal business necessity if you are intending on sending out letters, invoices, quotes or any other form of written correspondence. Having a professionally printed letterheads with your logo and contact details on them will make you look the part and help establish trust with potential customers. People work hard for their money; they want to know they are spending it with a trustworthy company. Having a batch of printed letterheads you can quickly overprint with quotes, letters and invoices also saves you money on paper and ink, especially if you are sending them out in volume. Another reason businesses use logos and letterheads is to reinforce the brand/business name. Over time this will help reduce your marketing spend because customers will become familiar with your business brand. This in turn can result in recommendations to friends and family which can result in more work. Your logo is also your business’ visual identity which will be carried throughout all of your marketing efforts. This includes everything from stationery printing through to posters, signage, and even embroidery on your work clothes. Every time your logo is seen it reinforces your brand name. Used correctly a logo is a very valuable asset to a business and one that should be given careful consideration.

There are two popular ways to create letterheads. The easiest is to order in printed letterheads, type your letter in Microsoft word and then put the printed letterhead in your office printer. You can then print your letter on the page and you will have a finished professional looking letterhead. Some people choose to create a Word template and print their letter along with their logo and contact details at the same time on their office printer. This can be a better option if you’re only sending a handful of letters, however if you are sending letters often, or in volume, then it will work out cheaper to order in pre-printed letterheads to reduce your paper and ink costs. If you’re looking for something a bit more special, our studio offers a range of luxury letterheads with your logo foil stamped with a range of metallic foils, you an even get your logo embossed. Our foil blocked letterheads range is popular with clients that have premium brands.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, then invest some time thinking about the company name and brand identity. This includes the logo and your brand colours which when combined will go a long way in helping you to establish a successful and profitable business!