Letterhead papers

When it comes to a professional letterhead, the selection of the appropriate paper type and weight holds utmost importance. Your printed letterhead, representing your business, has the potential to create a lasting impression on your clients; thus, ensuring a high-quality appearance and texture becomes vital. Consider utilising the following paper types and weights for your letterhead:

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper, commonly used for letterheads, is a versatile and durable option. Its smooth, uncoated surface facilitates easy printing on both office inkjet and laserjet printers. It is available in varying shades of white, off white, and ivory, with weights including 100gsm, 120gsm and 160gsm.

Linen Paper

Linen paper, with its distinctive texture, adds an elegant touch to your letterhead. Like uncoated papers, linen paper comes in different colours and weights, making it a popular choice for businesses aiming to convey sophistication.

Cotton Paper

Cotton paper, crafted from cotton fibers, possesses a unique texture and exudes a luxurious feel. It offers greater durability compared to regular paper, resulting in an extended lifespan. Cotton paper is available in various weights and shades.

Recycled Paper

For businesses committed to sustainability, using recycled paper for your letterhead is an excellent choice. Recycled paper comes in different weights and can have a natural or smooth finish. Our print studio offers both 50% and 100% recycled paper options for letterhead printing, crafted from pre and post-consumer waste.


For most businesses, a letterhead paper weight between 120gsm and 160gsm is ideal for a professional look and feel. If you're looking for a foil blocked letterhead or one with an embossed finish, we recommend choosing a minimum weight of 160gsm. This ensures a quality feel to the paper to match the high-end foil finish. There are also textured and cotton papers available which combine well with foil blocking logos to exude class and professionalism.

The selection of the right paper type and weight for your letterhead significantly enhances the overall look and feel of your business. Whether you opt for the classic uncoated paper, textured linen paper, luxurious cotton paper, environmentally friendly recycled paper, or something unique that is a mix of several of these options, you will find a suitable paper type and weight that aligns with your requirements and budget. Speak to our friendly team today to find out more.