New Product: Holographic Business Cards

After receiving an influx of requests for Holographic Business Cards with almost full coverage of holographic foil stamping, which can be expensive to produce, we have added a brand-new holographic card stock to our range. This rainbow iridescent card stock changes colour in the light, and has a unique coating on the surface which allows us to print full colour designs.


The key to working with this stock is to keep your design simple. The rainbow finish of the card is extremely high impact, so the design can be minimal and it will still be incredibly eye-catching. If your card is mostly solid black with just the logo in a holographic finish, then we recommend opting for either a black card stock with holographic foil stamping or having a laminated card printed black and your logo foil stamped with holographic rainbow foil. However, if your business card design is mostly holographic, with just a logo printed, then that is where this new holographic card stock steps in to create amazing results. Another benefit is; if you have a very intricate design with small areas of the design in holographic that are closely registered with digitally printed elements. These types of jobs can be tricky when it comes to combining digital printing with foil stamping. Both are separate processes and some tolerance for machine movement must be allowed for, which can make it tricky to register foil and print with close alignment. By printing your Holographic Business Card design directly on to holographic card, this issue is removed, as we are just using one process to achieve the same result.


Our holographic card can be duplexed (glued back to back) with other stocks that are similar weights. The holographic card is 275gsm, which means it can be duplexed with other stocks close to this weight. In addition, it’s also suitable for holographic edge gilding and foil stamping. It works well when foil stamped with gloss black or gloss white foils. We also offer gloss lamination which protects the surface and punches up the colours or for a more subtle, muted holographic rainbow finish, we can apply matt lamination instead.

Our new rainbow card stock is incredibly versatile and popular not just for Holographic Business Cards, but also for swing tags, promotional cards and invitations.