How to Write and Make a Compliment Slip

Writing and creating a compliment slip is actually very easy. If your company already uses Letterheads, then a Compliment Slip is just a smaller addition.

Very often, the Compliment slip is used to make a small note and can be as short as a, Thank You, a few sentences or just your signature.

How to Make a Compliment Slip

To Make a Compliment Slip, you can choose any size, companies typically use a DL- 210mm x 99mm, this is a cost-effective size, because 3 Compliment slips will fit an A4 Sheet and this can be cost effective to produce. However, you can customise the size to suit your needs.

It’s preferable to use both sides, the Logo or Company Name can have print finishing effects such as; Foil Stamping and embossing, normal printing on the Front and on the reverse or the Company Address, Email and Telephone in print or foil. Print on the back is normally located on the top or bottom or both but would also include the text “With Compliments.” The blank area on the back of the slip should provide space to enable you to write a message to the recipient.

You can use coloured card stock

The current trend is to use a thicker Coloured Card stock, maybe in a dyed card such as Colorplan, Vanguard or Senses stock, however, there are many different paper stocks to choose from. The cards can then be printed in White ink, Full Colour ink or apply Luxurious Foil Stamping in Metallic foil colours of your choice. These are great ways to enhance your Brand image, and you can still write on the card.

Paper stock can be found in different paper weights ranging from 90gsm upwards.

Custom Compliment Slip printing

Once you have a Custom Compliment slip/card, they can be pre-printed. Having a printed Compliment Slip is advantageous, saves time and is cost effective, especially if incorporated into a stationery bundle when all of the stationery is printed at the same time.

A professionally printed Compliment Slip with additional Letterhead/Business Card are important to companies, as they enhance brand awareness. To ensure consistency with company branding, companies tend to a matching theme running all through their corporate stationery. If your goal is to present a premium brand image then our foil blocked compliment slips and colored paper compliment slips are the ideal choice.

Most Compliment slips are attached to Letterheads, placed inside Presentation Folders or can just be popped in to parcels or orders with just a thank you note.