eco-friendly seed paper

Plantable seed paper printing is a growing trend in the world of eco-friendly printing. It involves embedding seeds into paper, allowing it to be planted and grown into a plant or herb. By using this technique, businesses can create promotional materials such as seed paper business cards, bookmarks, flyers, menus and invitations that are both sustainable and unique.

The creation of seed paper entails blending recycled paper pulp with seeds and subsequently allowing it to dry. This yields a remarkable outcome—a biodegradable and compostable paper that can be planted in soil, watered, and nurtured into flourishing plants. The choice of seeds employed in the process varies according to the company's preference, with popular options encompassing wildflowers, herbs, and vegetables. At AHC, we pride ourselves on utilizing native wildflower seed paper crafted right here in the UK, as it bestows numerous advantages upon pollinators.

Incorporating plantable seed paper printing into a brand's identity offers a multitude of advantages. It not only reflects a company's commitment to sustainability but also fosters a memorable and unique experience for customers. When individuals receive a business card or invitation crafted from seed paper, the likelihood of retaining and planting it instead of discarding it increases significantly. Moreover, seed paper serves as an excellent conversation starter during meetings and events like conferences, enhancing engagement and leaving a positive imprint on the environment. By utilizing seed paper, businesses can make a lasting impression on their customers while making a positive impact on our planet.

To create an eco-friendly brand identity using plantable seed paper printing, there are a few steps to follow.

Choose the Right Seed Paper

To embark on your project, the initial stage involves selecting the optimal seed paper that aligns with your vision. Seed paper exhibits a range of thicknesses and textures, thereby necessitating thoughtful consideration of the material that will best complement your design. Furthermore, distinct seed papers encompass various seed varieties, underscoring the importance of selecting seeds suitable for flourishing in your local climate and soil conditions. By making informed choices, you ensure that your seed paper project thrives harmoniously with its environment. Presently we only produce seed paper printing for UK customers as our papers contain native UK wildflower seeds. Please reach out to our friendly team if you’d like a sample of our seed paper.

Design Your Artwork

Once you have chosen your seed paper, it's time to design your artwork. When designing for seed paper, keep in mind that the paper itself will have a unique texture and look, so we advise keeping your design simple and minimalistic. This ensures the seeds remain visible on the paper which adds visual impact to the final printed product. If you require a design printed full bleed on both sides we can easily cater to it. Just keep in mind that the seeds will be covered over by ink.

Print your Design

When venturing into the realm of printing on seed paper, it is crucial to work with a printer that harmonises seamlessly with both the seed paper itself and eco-friendly inks. Ordinary printers may inadvertently harm the embedded seeds, making it imperative to select a printer capable of accommodating the specific thickness and texture of the paper. By exercising prudence in this aspect, you ensure a successful printing process that safeguards the integrity of the seeds while upholding environmental consciousness. Our studio utilises water based pigment inks that are applied using heat free printing technology. Our knowledgeable team are also adept at handling seed paper throughout the printing process. In addition to digital printing we can also die cut seed paper to different shapes such as hearts or butterflies.

Plant Your Seed Paper

After using your seed paper for your promotional materials, encourage your customers to plant the paper instead of throwing it away. We recommend include instructions on how to plant the paper and care for the plants that will grow from it. If these instructions don’t fit with the aesthetics of your design you can always provide instructions on a separate printed sheet. Another popular method is to include a QR code to scan for planting information which is also a great way to drive traffic to your website. This will not only create a positive impact on the environment but also provide customers with a memorable experience.

Using plantable seed paper printing is a unique and eco-friendly way to create a brand identity. It shows customers that your company values sustainability and cares about the environment. By choosing the right seed paper, designing with sustainable principles in mind, and printing with eco-friendly ink, you can create beautiful and impactful promotional materials that leave a lasting impression on customers.

Moreover, incorporating plantable seed paper printing into your business practices offers an exceptional opportunity to forge deep connections with customers on a personal and meaningful level. By bestowing upon them a tangible medium that they can nurture, plant, and witness flourish, you provide a compelling embodiment of your company's values and commitment to sustainability. Such a thoughtful gesture has the potential to foster a profound sense of loyalty, trust, and resonance between your esteemed company and its cherished customers.