How to Make Luxury Business Cards

Your company has worked hard to cultivate a brand image, now it’s time to capture your brand’s professionalism and personality with a luxury business card!

Making luxury business cards is not as complicated as you might think. Actually, it’s exciting to see the finished result and begin handing them out! The best part is receiving positive feedback each time you hand one to a potential customer! People receive business cards constantly; your card should be memorable, not stuffed into a pocket like all the others!

Here’s how to make a luxury card..

Step one

Decide what finish/finishes you would like. Typically, the chosen finish/look of your business card is a combination of personal preference and what fits your brand, as well as, your budget. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to luxury business cards. Finishing options include: Spot UV, foil stamping, textured card, duotone edges, colored cores, thermography, foil edge gilding, die cutting, metallic mirror finish, holographic, cotton finish, die cutting the cards into unique shapes, duplexing stocks for a multi-level card and much more! Unless you have a clear idea of what you’d like, it is always worthwhile to explore some samples first, as well as, looking online at cards for ideas. We have a gallery of projects which serves as great inspiration for a myriad of our customers. It’s also wise to speak to companies that specialise in business card printing, to get some advice regarding your artwork. Some special finishes have limitations and may not be suitable when it comes to your artwork. Common issues we run into include; the artwork being too thin/intricate for foil stamping, people wanting full bleed spot UV designs which can cause cracking, or die cutting unique shapes that are simply too detailed. Our dedicated team have a lot of experience with different finishes, so we will be able to guide you. We're also specialists in business card printing and production.

Step two

If you have chosen your finish and have not created your artwork, then you have a blank slate to start! This is always the best approach to making luxury business cards. Now, you can create your design based around your chosen finish/finishes. Make sure your logo/brand is front and centre. Luxury business cards often have a simple design/layout. The luxury look and feel comes from the chosen paper stocks and print finishing, so less is definitely more when it comes to the design of your luxury business card. Many of the luxury business cards we create have the logo on one side and name/contact details on the reverse. If you have a tagline, this can also be added on either side. The goal is to capture impact with the card and guide people to find out more by visiting your website. You don’t need to list out everything you do on your business card. Avoid clutter. A cluttered card is distracting and not luxurious to your target audience.

Step three

Let the fun begin! Now it’s time to get your card printed and wait patiently for them to arrive. Make sure you are dealing with a printer that specialises in business cards. They will have mastered their craft, and you will benefit from their experience and expertise.

Step four

Hand them out! Alas, we know…they look SO good, you can’t bear to part with them. We hear it this feedback constantly. A lot of our customers ask if we can produce some less luxurious cards that can be handed out at events, so their luxury business cards can be saved for important meetings! The main goal is to get your cards out and in circulation. They won’t be winning your brand any new business while sitting in the box, even if they do look great!

If you need help or advice regarding creating a luxury business card our team on hand to help either via phone, live chat or support tickets.