How to capture customer's attention online

A common battle we all face in the business world is capturing and holding a potential client’s interest online. The technological age has bombarded society with information overload and the next page of information is only a click away. Trying to discern what will be inviting and engaging to a client can be difficult. It is a common theme many business owners contend with when dealing with an online presence. Injecting brand awareness that is unique and eliciting a response are the pivotal keys for sparking engagement.

Hi! My name is…

Visitors to a website are more apt to view a video then reading blocks of text. Utilising a video is an ideal way to solicit a more personal connection with the potential client. For example, if you create a video showing the heart of your business, like your employees or your products. This is almost the equivalent of the client stepping foot into your facility and seeing it one-on-one. In addition, it can show the ‘personality’ of the business and those who run it. You might also consider incorporating a video into your business blog for a different change of pace.


And, the winner is…..

The allure of a prize in a contest will draw people in. Take to social media as the platform for the contest, such as, ask people to post a photo on their Twitter page using the contest hashtag and tagging your company page. This will enable more brand exposure for your company and potentially gain you clients. Tap into the creative minds of people, by having them submit a video of how your product helped their business. The prize you award doesn’t have to something expensive like an Ipad. You can award promotional pieces from your company, or feature the winner in a special section of your website.


Let me help you

Most companies on the web have a tendency to focus on selling. They push their products in someone's face with last minute deals and bargains. While this approach does work, in recent years with the explosion of social media, companies are now capitalising on sales by drawing customers in with valuable free content. Consider establishing a section on your site offering free advice. It might be specific to your business or even things you’re well versed on. You can offer advice on your products and what may appeal to a particular client. Furthermore, you could also take things a step further, and create a blog post or video of your product coupled with valuable advice on its uses, benefits and how it can be valuable to a potential client.


Up close and personal

Create an invitation via a social media hashtag to visit your company during an open house. Keep your business open for a few hours, serve light drinks and refreshments and showcase your company and products. This is a good way to socialize and network as well as conjure new business. Moreover, it time permits, consider a one hour Q&A session with your company’s owner or President. Let their voices be heard and be engaged with you. While the event is happening, have a staff member live tweet comments about what is happening, upload pictures or videos so others can share in as well.


But WAIT! If you act NOW..

Another phenomenal way to capture leads from targeted traffic to your site is with the development of a squeeze page. This page features additional content to what is already on the page they are viewing. It encourages the client to share his/her email address in exchange for the additional information which may be in the form of a free ebook, online training course or a trial version of your product or service. Squeeze pages often create a sense of urgency to help ensure you collect an email address from a potential client you know is interested in your market niche. Act now! Once you close this window, this valuable offer will not be seen again! Or sign up and receive an additional BONUS offer – today only! Are some examples of squeeze page statements that create a sense of urgency and generate a higher conversion rate.

Small implementations such as these can be instrumental in engaging your target audience. You only have so much time to capture and hold on to someone’s attention. Be creative and inviting with your approach, so they’re sure to stay tuned in. Have fun with it, so it trickles into the audience as well.