Gold Foil Printing

A wildly popular finish on products like business cards, stationery, invitations, greeting cards and other media is gold foil printing. Gold foil can be added to print in two different ways at our print studio. First, is via traditional foil stamping which requires a metal die block and indents (debosses) the gold foil into the card or paper. Second, is by using digital foiling to apply gold foil effects. Digital foiling is the most affordable way of achieving metallic foil effects because no metal die block is required. In fact, by using digital foil effects you can have just a single copy! Our team is extremely well versed in both foil printing processes, so feel free to reach out to us for advice. We can also quickly quote for gold foil printing on a vast assortment of papers and card stocks.

Gold foil printing cost

The most affordable way to apply gold foil is to take advantage of our digital gold foiling, which is priced per sheet. Costs start from as little as £10/$15, and are determined by how your sheets are printed and the quantity needed. For example, you can print with just gold foil effects and no digital printing, gold foil and digital printing (ideal for certificates on uncoated card) or full colour printing with a soft touch velvet laminate finish with gold foil effects on top. This service is done in-house, so if you are unsure which option you need, please send your artwork to us and we can advise you. If the stock you want is not suitable for digital gold foil printing, we also offer in-house foil stamping. Foil stamping is more expensive but will produce a higher quality finish, and it works with papers and cards that are not suitable for digital foiling. Regardless of the kind of finish you want to achieve, we’ll be able to help.

gold deboss foil printing
gold foil printing

Metallic foil printing in colours other than gold

Depending upon whether you opt for digital foil printing or traditional foil stamping, the metallic foil colours available will differ. Standard foil colours such as metallic gold, silver, rose gold, copper and holographic ‘rainbow’ silver are available for both metallic foil printing processes.

The art of foil stamping offers a larger variety of hot stamping foils colours than those for digital foiling. There are hundreds of foil colours and finishes to choose from, as well as, special effect foils such as patterned holographic foils and neon foils, pearlescent foils and holographic gold and pink. Furthermore, there are also about 20-30 different shades of gold foil! We stock three gold foil colours at our studio (mostly to avoid confusion!). These include metallic gold, metallic yellow gold and matt gold.

Digital printing on metallic gold card

A unique board that we offer at After Hours Creative is our metallic mirror finish gold card. It's specifically created for digital printing and can be printed with full colour designs with or without the option of white ink! It can also be foil stamped, duplexed (glued back to back) with other stocks and embossed, making it incredibly versatile ensuring fantastic prints!

Need a quote?

We produce gold foil printing for clients all over the world. You can contact us online to request a quote. If you're local in Bude, Cornwall, where our studio is based, you can make call is to make an appointment and see our vast ranges of products, foil colours and paper options.