Our studio now offers envelope printing with white ink thanks to a dedicated envelope fuser unit. We have a huge range of coloured envelopes available in various sizes including C6, C5, DL and C4. Your designs can be printed on envelopes in opaque white or we can print white underneath full colour designs allowing for full colour printing on coloured envelopes. Running white underneath colour allows us to produce light colours such as yellow and pink on coloured envelopes that are darker than the colours being printed. For example, a white ink underpin allows for yellow or pink designs on black and other darker colours. Without white the yellow/pink wouldn't be visible on a black envelope. You can get really creative with your envelope artwork but remember that we cannot print right to the edge of the envelope. All print must be 5mm in from the edges of the envelope. Reach out to our team if you’d like a blank template to work from. Our team can also assist in setting up your artwork and prepping the white ink areas using a spot channel.

Variable data printing with white ink

Variable data printing means we can print personalised information on envelopes using colour and/or white ink. This is especially popular for wedding suites where coloured envelopes accompany invitations. The coloured envelopes can be personalised with each recipient/guest's name in white ink. We can also add monograms and full colour graphics too. All you need to do is supply us with an editable adobe illustrator artwork file and a separate CSV file with all the data in columns. Our studio team will then import the CSV data and generate all the required files using your design. We will then send this back to you for you to check prior to printing. Variable data can also be used on invitations too.

Requesting a quote for printed envelopes

If you’d like a quote for envelope printing with white ink please send us your design. Prices vary depending upon the total white ink coverage area in your design. We also need to ensure we can use the file to set up the spot channel we need to print white. After that, simply let us know the colour and size of the envelope you’re looking for and the quantity you’d like.

Colorplan envelope printing

Colorplan envelopes are a popular product at our studio. If you’re not familiar with colorplan it is an iconic paper range from GF Smith available in 54 deeply saturated colours. Each envelope is handmade and available in a range of sizes and colours. Alongside foil stamping and embossing, colorplan envelopes they are also suitable for white ink printing. However, due to the texture of the colorplan paper they aren’t suitable for printing white ink underneath colour designs. For more information please reach out to our friendly team and we will be happy to advise!