printed seed paper with seeds germinating

Our creative print studio has thoroughly tested (and planted! that's our grasshopper greeting card shown above) different printing methods on various seed papers. We are very pleased to announce that we’re now highly proficient at both handling and digitally printing on seed paper that contains UK native wildflower seeds. Our wildflower seed paper is made in the UK and is perfect for eco-friendly business cards, flyers, menus, wedding stationery, swing tags, greeting cards, notebook covers and much more. Our seed paper printing complements many of the sustainable papers we already offer including grass, wheat, cannabis and 100% recycled papers. We can print seed paper up to SRA3 sheet size either single or double-sided with excellent registration and full ink coverage if required. Our studio also offers die-cutting, folding, creasing, drilling, stitching, foiling and binding which further enhances the available printing and finishing options for our seed paper.

What is plantable seed paper?

Seed paper is a handmade paper that has wildflower seeds embedded into it. Provided the seed paper is printed using heat-free printing technology (heat destroys the seeds!), it can be planted after use in order to grow native wildflowers which in turn provide pollinators and insects with food from leaves, pollen, nectar, shelter and places to breed. All you need to do is leave the seed paper to soak in water overnight and then plant it with a thin layer of soil. Within about a week, you should start to see seedlings. Seed papers typically contain at least 70% recycled materials making it a very environmentally friendly biodegradeable paper.

How do we print on seed paper?

Seed paper is printed on our inkjet presses which use water-based pigment inks and heat-free technology to give the seeds the best chance of germination. You’ll get excellent ink coverage across the entire paper and can create your designs as normal in full colour. Because the paper has seeds embedded in it, it can be tricky to feed which means the paper is unsuitable for our standard digital production presses. Each sheet needs to be fed by hand, one by one. Our team have customised the feeding process to ensure very accurate print registration on each sheet and with front to back registration. This means you can design your files as you would normally for full colour printing.  If you have concerns, our friendly team will guide you if we think anything needs amending prior to printing and we can also organise a test print for you for a small charge. In addition to digital printing on seed paper, we also offer foil blocking on seed paper. Get in touch with us to find out more about foiling on plantable paper.

What can you create with seed paper?

Seed paper is perfect for eco-friendly business cards, greeting cards, wedding stationery, swing tags, invitations, notebook covers, bookmarks, die-cut shapes, party or wedding favours and so much more. Simply get in touch for a quick quote or to ask any questions. It’s helpful if you have your artwork available for the quote as well.

seed paper greeting card printing
seed paper notebook printing
seed paper thank you card printing
seed paper business card printing

Do you have any other sustainable papers?

Yes, we offer several other sustainable papers such as grass paper, wheat paper and cannabis paper which contain up to 50% resource-saving fibers, as well as 100% recycled paper both in coated and uncoated finishes. We also stock reindeer poo paper. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team to find out more! You can also learn more about seed paper by checking out some of our seed paper frequently asked questions.

Need a quote or want to request some seed paper samples?

Give our friendly team a call on 01288 350 620 or use our contact form to get in touch to request samples.